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Launching a Useful Viral Marketing Campaign Through Your Web Page

Web pages make great viral marketing campaign options. Web pages allow for more flexibility than email as they allow you more space and more options to spread your message. Your web page can include far more enticing offers and incentives than an email. Also, many Internet users are more likely to send ecards, ebooks, and other free items that are easier to place on a web page than in an email.

There are several ways to use your web page to help launch a successful viral marketing campaign:

Place your URL in more places. Some companies hand out small business cards or stickers with their URL, some have artists add their URL to graffiti, while others have their URL printed on web sites or in ads. The more someone sees your URL the more likely they are to remember it when they next sit down at their computer, especially if your URL is presented in an attractive way.

Make your web site enticing. Once someone is on your web site, the design of the web site should encourage them to stay for a while. Make sure that your web site is easy to navigate and attractively designed with colors that are easy on the eyes and media that is interesting to watch. Offering several pages on your site that include photo galleries, a blog, contact information, articles, and other items helps ensure that each individual page does not take long to load but still allows the site to be interesting enough to explore.

Offer more through your web site. Offering free games, ecards that can be sent to friends, or other incentives can help ensure that people bookmark your page and return to it often. Also, the more free gifts you offer on your web page that people can send to friends, the more likely it is that customers will send your marketing message to others.

Make it easy for customers to come back to your page. An easy-to-find “bookmark” link and “make this page your homepage” link at the top of your home page can help ensure that customers can easily find you again.

Make your website a company in itself. In your online store, you can offer customers t-shirts, pens, and other inexpensive items with your company logo and URL on it. You can even offer these items for free with some purchases. This increases the chances that more people will see your web site and company. You can also help make your web site a self-sufficient company by offering online-only products such as ebooks and other items that customers can buy.

Generate more traffic. Advertise your web site to ensure that enough people will see it. You can easily generate more traffic by advertising your web site, sending out press releases about your web site, and engaging in link exchange and affiliate programs that will encourage traffic. This is especially important at the beginning of your viral marketing program. With time, your viral marketing will generate its own power and the force of recommendations will bring many customers to your web site with virtually no effort on your part.

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