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Starting out on the net you very quickly learn that you will have more than one website, to make more than pocket money you will need affiliates and JV partners. All of which relies heavily on managing the receiving and sending of money.

When we first get started we put payment buttons we have created with the payment processor wizards directly on our pages and dance and sing when someone sends us money from a sale.

This works well for the first and second item that we want to sell. As your business grows this will become a larger and larger issue.

We all move to the next stage which is seeking out products that can be used to capture sales, track affiliates and record customer details.  Mostly this will consist of several different products, we are still running a small operation so cheap or free are the tags we look for.

Due to this approach it is more than likely you will end up with a number of different products looking after the different aspects of the sales process. One for the payments, another product for tracking affiliate sales, a simple database to hold customer info. This is manually entered after the sale.  A number of different scripts to manage affiliate sales.  This was my world also until I discovered JVManager.

JVManager is simply the best program I own and use to run my online business. If I was forced to give up everything and keep one product to support my business, JVManager would be my choice. It is a comprehensive solution that provides full and automated management of all your day to day tasks.

here are some of the features listed on the sales page:

JVManager is the way to go for both newbies and professionals; it's YOUR friendliest solution on the Net - and it has it ALL:

jvm has it all Package and Product Manager
jvm has it all Universal Payment Manager
jvm has it all Download Manager and URL Protector
jvm has it all Sales Manager
jvm has it all Refund Manager
jvm has it all Joint Venture (JV) Manager
jvm has it all Charity Manager
jvm has it all Affiliate Manager
jvm has it all Membership Manager and Automatic .htaccess/.htpasswd Generator
jvm has it all Autoresponder Manager
jvm has it all Template driven
jvm has it all Multi-lingual
jvm has it all And more...

Can you easily change the prices on all your products right now?

If you are serious about making money on-line then you can bet that you have at least three or four hosting accounts. Over time you will likely have more product sites, maybe some membership sites, customer support and others.

If you don't have a centralised approach to your business you are going to have products and sales links all over. As you grow your business the complexity will increase with more websites, more payments. 

It is great to have one place to make changes, even though my products are on different websites.

Download protection

JVManager automatically manages the security of your download pages. You setup the thankyou page with the product downloads and configure this in JVManager.  However, when customers purchase the product, JVManager makes a temporary copy of this page and keeps it for a predefined time, set by you.  After say, 24 hours, that download page is removed.  So the buyer could forward your page to anyone they  like, but the data will not be there.

Membership Management

Automatically create membership areas, this is such a cool feature.  You can buy a membership package and set it up to manage your membership site. However, with JVManager, it is so simple you wouldn't do anything else. It is integrated into your payment system and members are automatically removed if they cancel their memberships.

Memberships can be managed on the JVManager server or remotely on your domain that the membership site is located. It could even be a different site again.

More features

I don't want to make this a long review and I think just from the few things discussed here you can see how I feel. I recommend you check out this short video rather than read much more.

JVManager in a snap!

Watch the video


You will be pleased to know that there is a product that can help you manage all these points and much more.  I have been using JVManager for Seven months and there is no doubt in my mind that this has had a positive impact on my business. I actually have four different payment and affiliate management systems that I have the software for, None have the features, or coverage that JVManager provides.

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JVManager introduces a new way of dealing with your products.

It works with PACKAGES and PRODUCTS. This allows you to GROUP your Products and offer Packages with either 1 or more products in them. Customers can pay you through various payment gateways and instantly download their purchase or access their membership.

The philosophy of PACKAGING the Products was something revealed by JVManager's project for the FIRST time - about two years ago - no matter how this concept has been implemented by other solutions:) Through JVManager you can "package" Products that cannot be bundled together by *grouping the order links* together while selling them separately.

Let's say you sell 5 ebooks that must be sold as stand alone products. You can create a Package through JVManager, add all 5 Products and give/add another 6th one to give as a Bonus to everybody that will buy them ALL! Simple!

If you are serious about an online business, you must consider a centralised payment and package management system. For the only complete full featured system that I would recommend check out JVManager right here.

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