Review: Affiliate Classroom

 “Finally, an honest community that provides step by step coaching on how you can start your own profitable affiliate marketing business by tomorrow morning…”

We’ve looked high and low and always just get caught up in some scam or dishonest person who “claims” they can teach us how to make money, but never deliver. Trust me, I know how you feel – I’ve been there and I paid the price (many times).

All I can say is that over the years this industry has definitely evolved and I’m happy to announce that there is finally a program that I can truly trust and recommend to you – I wish I had them when I got started.

The Affiliate Classroom is one of the first true community websites where not only do the instructors and teachers really help, but the students themselves support each other in a big way. The Affiliate Classroom provides each student with a wealth of information, all broken down into small pieces that are easy to understand.

Actually, it took The Affiliate Classroom over 1 year to develop their signature “Step by Step” training program that has knocked affiliate marketing on the head! You can actually get small baby step training (even if you are a complete beginner). The best part is that the site actually tracks your progress!  That means you can come back weeks later and pick up right where you left off.

Let’s have a look into more of what the classroom offers:

Step by Step Training

As I mentioned just now – The Affiliate Classroom has a revolutionary system that provides an affiliate of any level of expertise with complete step by step training. You just do what the site says and never even have to think!

Project Management

As you’re going through the steps, you get a chance to take notes and input critical information right into the website. The classroom will remember everything FOR you! Even if you come back weeks later, you can pick up right where you left off.

Expert Interviews

Every month The Classroom hunts down the top affiliate marketers and internet marketers and hounds them on their secrets. You’ll get a chance to learn from the very best every month!

Live Case Studies

This is quite possibly my favorite area in the classroom. Live detailed case studies of what is and what is not working in affiliate marketing. You get to peak over the shoulders of industry experts as they show you exactly what they are doing and the results they are achieving – they make it so simple that all you have to do is copy them!

24/7 Live Forum

It doesn’t matter what time of the day it is – if you have a question you can log-in to the forum and get help! Even the students are actively answering each other and making sure everyone succeeds!

Marketing Library

Tired of buying lots of ebooks and wasting money? Yet another advantage of having The Affiliate Classroom on your side. They have a complete library with material on every topic you can imagine – you won’t have to waste money any more.

Tutorial Library

If you’re in a rush to get some answers and don’t want to read a lot of “fluff” – this is the area I usually go to. You can quickly read a step by step tutorial on almost any form of marketing…

Software Library

There are many software/scripts that an affiliate marketer can and should use to make their life easier. Well, instead of spending $100 on each one, you have free access to many by being a student of the classroom…

Niche Affiliate Program Profiles

An excellent and fast growing affiliate program directory unlike all others. This directory gives you great detail on each program, including in-depth marketing analysis and ideas. You’ll know exactly how to grow your business before you even start…

Conference Calls

Every month join the instructors of the classroom on a LIVE conference call at no cost to you. These calls are not “for sale” – you must be a student to log-on.

Breaking News

As soon as you log-in you are greeted with a screen that makes sure you’re absolutely up-to-date with what’s going on inside the classroom as well as in the world of affiliate marketing.

Honestly, that’s a lot – and I know no other site that offers so much (I’m being 100% serious). The shocking part is that I have not even told you “Everything” that The Affiliate Classroom offers, there’s plenty more!

Honestly, you can see all of those things for yourself for just $1. Take the classroom for a spin and see if it’s the right fit for you – I’m sure you’ll be incredibly impressed.


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