The TWO BIGGEST Problems of ALL Internet Marketers

Ask yourself these questions -

- Do I keep track of all my purchases online?

- Do I keep track of all the websites which motivates me and gives me new ideas?

- Do I keep track of the places where I advertise and what are results generated by those ads?

- Do I have a copy of ALL the ads I’ve written till date and can I refer to them without spending hours?

- Do I keep track of all the affiliate programs I’ve joined in the last six months and do I record the sales every time they are generated?

- Do I…?

- Do I …?

- Do I …?

There are sooo many “Do I”s and if you look closely, you will be horrified to see that you are WASTING all your energies and time in doing something which you should not be doing at all.

Where is the problem?

In your Time & Resource Management.

Trust me. Unless you learn how to manage your time, and more importantly, the resources and information you have, you won’t succeed the way you want.

Unless you can TRACK EVERYTHING you DO to build your business online, you are spending your time for no gains.

Let me give you INSTANT SOLUTION to BOTH the problems.

>> Solution for Managing Your Time Smartly < <

Next time and every time you open your computer, write on a piece of paper that what you are going to do and how much time it requires, approximately, completing that task.

Once, you finish the task; go away from your computer.

Yes, GO AWAY from your Computer.

Take a break. If you have more tasks, write the new task on a new piece of paper… finish that task and take a break again. Follow this till you finish all the tasks.

Most of us have a habit of browsing aimlessly for hours.

Stop doing it. Even if you tend to spend your time browsing, write it on a piece of paper as “I’m going to explore new web sites for the next XXX hours” and then do it.

You will be in TOTAL control of your time!

>> Solution for Managing Your Resources Smartly < <

Get in a habit of creating your swipe files.

What is a swipe file?

It is a spreadsheet (Microsoft Excel Sheet) where you can store your marketing information.

You can store all your bookmarks, purchases made, affiliate links, product details, advertising money spent, track results etc.

Once you start doing that, you will be able to get to know that how well your business is doing.

Remember, once you have managed the art of controlling your Time and the Assets or Information you have, you are in total control of your business and it is at that point of time when you ACTUALLY start marketing like a TRUE Internet Marketer.

About The Author

To help internet marketers manage their time and resources “smartly”, Deepak Walia has created Your Marketing Buddy. This is a collection of seventeen online databases which let you store your business intelligence information in a safe, secure, and convenient way and you can access and use it when you need it. Available @