I Used to Be A Hosting Refugee

Back in 1997 when I first started out doing web design, learning HTML, building pro-bono websites for non-profits, I utilized the cheapest hosting I could find. In most cases, I used free hosting, and well, I got what I paid for.

Soon thereafter I started my business, also on a free hosting server. The server was up and down, never had much traffic, and no wonder - it was down when the search engines came around! So, my site never got indexed. No indexing means no traffic. Bummer.

In 1999, my web design business was growing nicely, and it finally came to a point where I needed to provide my clients quality hosting. While I'm somewhat tolerant of free hosting going up and down, my clients were not. Downtime equated to lost sales, and that was unacceptable. They were becoming hosting refugees. So I started my own hosting company, and committed myself to providing the best service they deserved.

Soon after starting my hosting division, new hosting clients started showing up, all with generally the same problem. They were looking for a quality host that wasn't going to let them down. They were hosting refugees. So, I provided them the best hosting service on the Net.

If you've become a hosting refugee, it's time to start looking for something new. While I'd love to have you as a customer, I'm more interested in getting you a quality hosting service that matches your business needs. My ebook, Hosting Refugee (hostingrefugee.com) can teach you all the things you need. You can learn how to choose a quality host, how to test a hosting companies support (before you buy!), how to transfer your website to the new hosting company, and lots more.

Copyright 2005 Will Hanke

About The Author

Will Hanke is Owner of Lighthouse Technologies - a web hosting company in the US. Will is author of many articles related to the hosting business, and is no longer a hosting refugee.